Can I pay for US Netflix with Payoneer?

Payoneer is a wonderful way of getting a MasterCard, a debit card, which can be ordered online and everyone can get it. In addition they have a great solution, meaning that if you let us refer you as you sign up, you will get a 25 USD bonus! Of course that is great, but more important, can I use Payoneer to pay for my US Netflix account?

The problem is that many who want to watch Netflix from abroad get hold of an American IP, but when they try to sign up for Netflix they are getting in trouble when they need an American card to pay for the subscription and that needs to be given as you sign up for the trial period. It is possible to fix this in different ways, but can I pay for US Netflix with Payoneer?

Netflix in the USA and Payoneer?

The answer is YES!

Payoneer and NetflixI have still not tried it myself, but a very good friend of mine who has a Payoneer card tried it instead. His Payoneer card is registered on his address in Sweden, but as he registered for the Netflix trial period for a Netflix account in the US he used the Payoneer card and he could get started with no problem!

Again, if you want to get yourself a subscription to Netflix in the USA, why not follow the instructions in our watch Netflix from abroad article, and then if you need a way of paying for your subscription, then sign up for a Payoneer Debit MasterCard, and once you get it in the post, you are ready to go! It takes some day for your application to be accepted and once it is, your card will be sent you in the post.

To sign up for Payoneer and get a 25USD start bonus, visit Payoneer using this link.