You can now watch Trainwreck on Netflix

Watch Trainwreck on NetflixTrainwreck is a movie with Amy Schumer, LeBron James and Bill Hader, and now you can stream Trainwreck on Netflix. Curious to find out where and how?

If you have a Netflix subscription, you have the chance to get access to all different Netflix regions. You do not need a different subscription for a different country, but one subscription is enough. The consequence of this, is that you actually have the chance to get access to all Netflix regions, you only need to make Netflix believe that you are in a different country. And yes, if you want to watch Trainwreck on Netflix, you will have to change your Netflix region (most likely).

Watch Trainwreck on Netflix

At the moment the Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck can only be seen in one single Netflix region, and that region is in Netherlands. You will in other words need to make Netflix believe that you are in the Netherlands in order to watch this movie. If you want to find out more about how you can get access to Dutch Netflix outside the Netherlands just press the link.

Since April 2nd you can also watch Trainwreck on Portuguese Netflix.

Is it worth changing your Netflix region because of Trainwreck?

I must admit that I haven’t watched this movie, and watching the trailer I did not feel a desire wake up inside of me to actually watch this movie. There are so many other great movies I would rather watch, but if you are a LeBron James fan, an Amy Schumer, or maybe you just really want to watch Trainwreck on Netflix, then this is a great chance to do so.

Do not forget that it is easy to change your Netflix region to other regions as well, and you can read more about how it is done here at

If you do not know whether or not you want to watch the movie, take a look at the Trainwreck trailer above and make up your mind after that only.

Have you seen Trainwreck? Did you enjoy it? Write a comment using the comment field beneath and tell me your opinion.

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