Can I use Unlocator to unblock Netflix in 2020?

Have you just read about a movie available on Netflix in Japan? Or maybe there is a TV series that you want to stream on Netflix in the United States? Can Unlocator help you unblock Netflix? Will this SmartDNS/VPN service help you access Netflix content in several other countries?

During the autumn of 2015, the number one recommended service for unblocking Netflix here at was Unlocator. It was incredibly easy to use and using the control panel at the Unlocator website, you could change your Netflix region with a mouse click. If you want to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix in the UK, you just selected the UK, saved, and as you visited the Netflix website or opened your Netflix app over again, you would see the content on UK Netflix.

Would you rather watch some anime on Japanese Netflix? All you needed to do was to select Japan from the drop-down menu in the region settings at the Unlocator website, and you would see the content of Japanese Netflix. These are just two examples, but there were more than 30 countries available at the most.

Unlocator and Netflix

2016 changed it all…

2016 was a victorious year for many. Finally, they could watch Netflix without using a VPN. That was the year when Netflix launched in more than 150 countries in one day (almost), and as a result, Netflix also started their giant attack on the VPN and SmartDNS providers that had earlier made it so easy to change your region.

Since Netflix now is available everywhere, there is no reason to use a VPN anymore. This also came as a result of the copyright regulations, meaning that Netflix has different rights in different countries. They might be allowed to show a movie in France, but they do not have the right to show the same movie to people in Germany and in the United States. So, to protect this, they started to block VPN and SmartDNS services, including Unlocator.

Unlocator in 2020

Currently, Unlocator works well with American Netflix, and that is the end of the story (just like it is the end of the story for most other VPN services). There are some exceptions, and if you want access to Netflix content in countries such as Japan, Germany, France, Canada, UK, South Korea, and Australia, follow the instructions right here to find out more.

Visit the Unlocator website(and try for free for seven days)

Would you like to give Unlocator a try? You can click the button above to visit their website. You can try it completely for free for seven days, and you do not even need to add any payment details in order to try the service. If you want to know more about Unlocator, I can also recommend the following article which is up to date and it contains lots of useful information.

Have you read through the article? Have you used Unlocator yourself? Do you agree with me? Do you have any questions? I would love to hear from you, so write a comment and let me know what is on your heart!

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