Can I use Substratum to change my Netflix region?

substratum nodeSubstratum just released their platform in beta version, meaning that people get more and more eager at using to, in order to ensure their net neutrality and to surf the web without limitations. But, can I use Substratum to change my Netflix region?

Since Substratum is only in a beta version, nothing can be said for sure yet, but at the current moment, you can not use Substratum to change your Netflix region. But, when it will be released in the final version, you will most likely be able to do so then either. The goal of Substratum is not to work as a VPN, tunneling all your movements through a VPN tunnel to a server somewhere else, but instead, Substratum will send your signals through nodes here and there, but you cannot choose where your signal will end (exit-node), so it will be very hard to influence this.

I do not know any more about the topic at the moment, but I will write later as I find out more.

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