Can I stream The Incredibles 2 in French on Netflix?

Did you know that The Incredibles 2 was added to Netflix in the USA and in Canada in January/February 2019? That is great news, but if your kids only speak French, what should you do about that?

The Incredibles 2 is an awesome movie and it was one of the best cinema experiences I had in 2018. The voices of the characters are so cool, and it is simply entertaining to watch, and at the same time, packed with action that will make both children and adults stuck to their chair for the entire time of the movie.

Can I watch The Incredibles 2 in French on Netflix?

But, how can you watch The Incredibles 2 in French on Netflix?

The truth is, the movie cannot be streamed on Netflix in France at the moment. It might come sometime in the future, but not at the moment. But, there is one interesting thing that you didn’t know (maybe), and that is something about Canada. Did you know that French is one of the official languages of the nation of Canada? You didn’t? Well, now you do! Canada has two official languages and they are French and Canadian.

So, it shouldn’t come to you as a great surprise when I tell you that you can watch The Incredibles 2 on Netflix in Canada in both Canadian and French language. Isn’t that kind of cool?

In other words, if you try to watch The Incredibles 2 on Netflix in the USA, you will receive no option and chance to watch the movie in French. But, if you go to Canadian Netflix and try to watch the movie there, you will be able to choose French as the audio language, which means that both you and your kids will be able to enjoy the movie.

Well, if you read this article and understand what I am writing, you probably have a quite good knowledge of the English language, which again means that you should be able to watch The Incredibles 2 in English. But, maybe you feel more comfortable watching the movie in French, or maybe you want it to be a nice surprise for someone who doesn’t understand English.

Well, now you have the answer…

You can watch The Incredibles 2 in French on Netflix in Canada.

But, how can I get access to Canadian Netflix?

That is a good question that can easily be answered. Make sure to read my article on how to watch Canadian Netflix in the USA (and elsewhere in the world), and you will have your answer and the solution ready in front of you in a few minutes. As a result, you can watch The Incredibles 2 in French on Netflix in less than 10 minutes. Cool, isn’t it? And do not forget that you will lots of other amazing content on Netflix in Canada, meaning that you will get access to lots of other fantastic French material as well!

Are you going to have a fantastic evening or what?

If you have a comment or a question related to streaming The Incredibles 2 on Netflix in the French language, in English, or something else, please write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

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