Bruce Almighty on US Netflix

Bruce Almighty on NetflixI am a quite big fan of Jim Carrey and I do like a good comedy. That is why Brucy Almighty was one of my favorite films back in 2003 when it was released. It is not a supergood film, but if you are in a good mood, it will give you plenty of reasons to laugh!

In Bruce Almighty the amazing thing happens as Bruce gets the powers of the Almighty for a short amount of time. Before then he only blamed God and never thought about the “problems” God might have as he wants to be just and fair to everyone, but as he gets the powers and suddenly gives a “yes” to the prayers and requests of everyone, he can suddenly see some of the challenges that God might have trying to help and please the demandful population on planet earth.

In the film you will meet Jenifer Aniston playing the wife of Bruce Almighty, and then you have Morgan Freeman playing the almighty himself. This is a brilliant comedy and it might even make you think before you start complaining to God next time.

This film can now be seen on US Netflix, so it is just to go ahead and enjoy watching Bruce Almighty as soon as possible. If you do not know how to watch US Netflix from outside the United States, visit our frontpage and read the article there, or you can read this article which also deals with how you can watch Netflix in another nation with your current Netflix subscription.

[stbpro id=”info” caption=”When is Evan Almighty coming?”]Evan Almighty (the follow up film made in 2007 with Steve Carrell in the main role) has not been added to US Netflix yet, but who knows, maybe it will come as well in the near future![/stbpro]

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