Brene Brown on Netflix – is it cool or what?

Last week, I had the chance to finally check out the Brene Brown “show” on Netflix. I noticed it a while back, but it was when I couldn’t fall asleep for some reason that I decided to finally watch this.

Now you can watch Brene Brown on Netflix
Now you can watch Brene Brown on Netflix

Brene Brown – The Call To Courage… that is the name of the show that was recently added to Netflix. And do you know what, I am really happy about it being added to Netflix. Not because it is so incredibly amazing, but because it is different from most of the other content you can find on Netflix currently. And that is why it is so great to find it there.

You know, many people consider Netflix to be a streaming portal for movies and TV shows, but by adding the Brene Brown – The Call to Courage, it suddenly turned into a streaming portal at which you can develop yourself, develop your own skills, and it just got way more attractive to quite a lot of people, including myself.

What is the Brene Brown show about?

A few days after I watched Brene Brown on Netflix, I sat in a conversation with a psychologist. We spoke about all sorts of stuff (it was a quite large group of people), and I told everyone how I had been watching this Netflix show in which a woman spoke about vulnerability and the importance of it. My friend who is a psychologist immediately asked it if was Brene Brown, and I said yes… I guess this woman has a name in the industry and that people actually know who this is. Probably says a lot more about me that I didn’t actually know who Brene Brown was before I bumped into her on Netflix.

But, vulnerability… I have been trying to pronounce it a lot of times, but it always makes my tongue feel strange. As a result, I am glad it is not me who is out there sharing this message, because I would have a hard time just saying vulnerability without laughing. But, maybe that is what it is all about… because if you do not dare to be vulnerable, you will never achieve success, as there is no success and new steps ahead without opening up to vulnerability. Even though this lecture didn’t revolutionize my life, I still had a great time watching it, and there was a lot of wisdom in what was said, and I enjoyed it greatly. Now I am just hoping that Netflix will add more similar content in the near future to let me grow more and learn more on how to live my life, just like I did by watching Brene Brown.

How to watch Brene Brown on Netflix?

The Brene Brown show is a Netflix original. As a result, you can watch it in every single Netflix region, and there is no need to change your Netflix region or do similar activities. If you have followed my instructions on how to get access to US Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, German Netflix and more, it might be tempting to your use VPN simply for the joy of using it… and if that is so, why not watch Brene Brown on UK Netflix instead of in your home region? But, if you first have access to UK Netflix, why not stream the newest season of Suits there instead?

But, once again – Brene Brown made Netflix much better, and it made me better. That is a great combination, and I want to say thank you to Netflix for adding this, and I also encourage and hope that they will add more similar content in the near future.

Want to know more about what will come to Netflix in June 2019? I haven’t seen any news about it yet, but you will find more articles about it here at this site and also at

Maybe I should buy a Brene Brown book as well?

Watching the Brene Brown show on Netflix also made me consider actually buying a book she has written on more. I am still just considering it, but it is absolutely worth investing time and money in growing as a person and learning about important topics such as vulnerability. Again, thanks Netflix for bringing this to me and so many else!

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