The BFG is now on Netflix

Are you in the mood for a fantasy movie created by Steven Spielberg tonight? Did you know that you can already stream The BFG on Netflix?

The BFG is a fantastic movie from 2016 created by Steven Spielberg. It is the story about a ten year old girl named Sophie who meets a giant played by Mark Rylance. How will this friendshop move on? You can find out if you sit down to watch The BFG at Netflix. You can of course also watch the official trailer of the movie, so if you want to start with that, take a look at the trailer beneath.

As you can see from the trailer it is a true fantasy story, and to be honest, the trailer makes me want to stream the movie on Netflix right away. So, how can it be done?

How to watch The BFG on Netflix?

The BFG on Netflix

If you want to stream the movie on Netflix you will need to get access to Canadian Netflix. So, how can you get access

to Canadian Netflix? Well, it is quite easy, and you can read more instructions on how it can be done right here.

Is it worth it? According to the ratings the movie has a 6,4/10 score on iMDB, a 75% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Google users have given it an incredible 89% score so far. So, what do you think? Have you watched The BFG on Netflix? Did you enjoy it? Why don’t you take a break to write a comment and share your thoughts about the movie?

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