Aladdin now on UK Netflix

Aladdin on NetflixOne of my absolute favorite Disney films is Aladdin, the story about the street rat that turned into a prince and a big hero! The music, the story, the atmosphere, it is simply Genie, or at least genius!

And now Aladdin is here on UK Netflix. I do hope I will get the time to watch it some time in the near future, even though I have seen it lots of times earlier, because it is something magical with this film, almost like with Lion King! If you havent seen Aladdin yet, then this is your chance, and you better take it. We can never know for sure how long a film will remain available on Netflix, meaning that you better watch it is soon as possible before it disappears. If you do not have a Netflix subscription yet, just sign up, and if you have problems watching UK Netflix, find out how to bypass that problem and watch Netflix in the UK from all across the world.

I have earlier written about quite a lot of other animated films and Disney films that have become available on Netflix lately, and it seems as if more and more of the good old films are added to Netflix nowadays, meaning that it can almost work as as a quite incomplete, but still good, Disney library. This is brilliant when you get old, because then you can impress the grandchildren with your computer knowledge (as you have a Netflix subscription) and you can impress them as you have lots of films available waiting for them every time they come to visit you!

Have fun and enjoy watching Aladdin on Netflix!

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