A whiteboard video explaining how to access US Netflix!

I have just made a little video explaining how you can easily get access to US Netflix. It is a typical whiteboard video, making it very easy to understand.

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I understand that the video is very basic, but it isn’t much harder than what you see in the video. So, why make it hard, when it can be really easy? There are so many websites out there giving you instructions on how you can easily access US Netflix. The only problem is that most of these sites are outdated, and the information available is no longer correct.

That is why I do my uttermost to update this website frequently so that anyone coming to this website will find information that is up to date! If you visit the front page, you will see that it is updated every single week (almost), just to make sure that the information served is valid and working.

I hope you are happy about that! If you still have questions or comments, please use the comment field beneath. I will do my uttermost to answer all your questions as fast as possible.

is it possible to watch US Netflix abroad?
The guy in the video above wants to watch American Netflix. How can it be done?

For more information on watching Netflix from abroad and accessing different regions, visit netflix.fromabroad.org.

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