A study on the Netflix price differences between countries – And how to get Netflix 70% cheaper!

Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world today. They have millions of subscribers, and they all pay a monthly fee to get access to all the content available on the platform. But, did you know that the Netflix subscription prices vary a lot between the different countries?

In this study, we will show you the different prices for a Netflix subscription, depending on where you live. And if you take advantage of the information shared with you in this article, you should be able to save a lot of money by making some changes to your existing Netflix subscription.

So, let us take a look at the prices for the different Netflix subscriptions depending on where you live.

Save money on your Netflix subscription

A Netflix subscription price overview (in local currencies)

(1 screen)
(2 screens + HD)
(4 screens + UltraHD)
United States $8.99 $12.99 $15.99
Hungary2490 HUF3190 HUF3990 HUF
Switzerland CHF11.90 CHF16.90 CHF21.90
France €7,99 €11,99 €15,99
Germany €7,99 €11,99 €15,99
Netherlands €7,99 €10,99 €13,99
Spain €7,99 €11,99 €15,99
Italy €7,99 €11,99 €15,99
Finland €7,99 €11,99 €15,99
Canada CA$9.99 CA$13.99 CA$16.99
Greece €5,99 €8,99 €13,99
Poland 34 zł 43 zł 52 zł
Portugal €7,99 €10,99 €13,99
Israel ₪32.90 ₪46.90 ₪60.90
Egypt €7.99 €10.99 €13.99
India* ₹499 ₹649 ₹799
Brazil R$21.90 R$32.90 R$45.90
New Zealand NZ$11.99 NZ$16.99 NZ$21.99
Turkey €7.99 €10.99 €13.99
South Africa ZAR99 ZAR139 ZAR169
Mexico MX$129 MX$169 MX$229
Peru PEN24.90 PEN34.90 PEN44.90
Nigeria NGN2,900 NGN3,600 NGN4,400
Thailand* SGD19.98
Ecuador ARS199 ARS319 ARS449
Argentina ARS199 ARS319 ARS449
Chile CLP4,990 CLP6,990 CLP8,990
Algeria $7.99 $9.99 $11.99
United Kingdom £5.99 £8.99 £11.99
Colombia COP16,900 COP26,900 COP38,900
  • In India, they also have a mobile-only package which costs ₹199 per month. This can only be used on mobile devices.
  • In Thailand and many other Asian countries (including Vietnam, Nepal, Singapore, and others), they have a mobile-only package for mobile devices (phones and tablets). This costs SGD8.98 per month. They also have a mobile plus package which can be used on computers as well. This costs SGD13.98 per month.

Now all of these prices will not mean much to you unless we make them all visible in USD. So, to really be able to compare the prices of Netflix subscriptions in the different countries of the world, we have converted all currencies to USD (based on exchange rates on March 9th in 2020). Now you can look through the results below and see that the differences in prices are extreme.

Keep on reading beneath the results, because there I will summarize the results, and also write some words on how you can save a lot of money on your Netflix subscription by taking advantage of the results found in this study.

A Netflix price overview, with all prices converted to USD (nation comparison)

(1 screen)
(2 screens + HD)
(4 screens + UltraHD)
United States $8.99 $12.99 $15.99
Australia $ 6.63 $ 9.29 $ 13,28
Hungary $ 8.35 $ 10.70 $ 13.39
Switzerland $12.70 $ 18.04 $ 23.39
France $9.04 $13.57 $18.09
Germany $9.04 $13.57 $18.09
Netherlands $9.04 €10,99 €13,99
Spain $9.04 $13.57 $18.09
Italy $9.04 $13.57 $18.09
Norway $9.62 $11.79 $17.22
Sweden $9.49 $11.64 $16.96
Denmark $12.04 $15.09 $19.66
Finland $9.04 $13.57 $18.09
Canada $7.32 $10.25 $12.45
Greece €5,99 €8,99 €13,99
Poland $8.97 $11.34 $13.72
Portugal $9.04 €10,99 €13,99
Israel $9.43 $13.44 $17.46
Egypt $9.04 €10.99 €13.99
India* $6.74 $8.77 $10.79
Brazil $4.73 $7.11 $9.92
New Zealand $7.51 $10.65 $13.78
Turkey $9.04 €10.99 €13.99
South Africa $6.11 $8.57 $10.43
Mexico $6.09 $7.98 $10.81
Peru $7.17 $10.05 $12.93
Nigeria $7.97 $8.89 $12.09
Thailand* $14.41
Ecuador $3.19 $5.12 $7.21
Argentina $3.19 $5.12 $7.21
Chile $6.03 $8.45 $10.87
Algeria $7.99 $9.99 $11.99
United Kingdom $7.85 $11.79 $15.72
Colombia $4.70 $7.49 $10.28

Understanding the price comparison

It is completely understandable that there will be price differences between countries. It would be strange if someone in a very rich country would pay the same price for a Netflix subscription as one in a very poor country. But, still, the differences are extremely big. So, let us take a closer look at the results.

You pay most for your Netflix subscription in the following countries

If you live in Switzerland, then you pay more for your Netflix subscription than people in the rest of the world. Switzerland is the most expensive country, and a one-month subscription will cost you close to 13 USD per month for the basic package (1 screen, no-HD).

The second-most expensive country in Denmark, followed by Norway and Sweden. In these countries the price is appx. 9,5 USD per month for the basic package.

But, if you want the Premium package with 4 screens and UltraHD, then you will have to pay almost 23,5 USD per month in Switzerland. In Denmark, you will have to pay 19,5 USD per month for the best package. Following these two countries, big EU countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, and France follow with their Premium package price exceeding 18 USD per month.

Based on the income and quality of living, these numbers are very realistic and easy to understand.

A Netflix subscription is cheapest in the following countries

Where is it cheapest to subscribe to Netflix? Well, South-America seems to be the ideal place to live if you look at the price of a Netflix subscription. The cheapest countries are Argentina and Ecuador, where the price for a Basic package hardly exceeds 3 USD. That is four times less than what you would pay for the same package in Switzerland.

If you would go to Brazil, the price is approximately 4,5 USD for the same package.

If you want the Premium package in Argentina or in Ecuador, the price that will give let you use your Netflix subscription on four screens at the same time, with UltraHD available, is 7.2 USD per month. Once again, this is less than 1/3 of what you pay for the same subscription in Switzerland.

A little notice about some Asian countries

It should be noticed that several Asian countries run with very special Netflix packages. These are for mobile devices only, and they are ideal for those who only stream Netflix content on their small-screen devices. However, even though these subscriptions only work on small-screen devices, they are still way more expensive than the prices of the basic subscription packages available in Argentina, Ecuador, and Brazil.

Get a cheaper VPN subscription with a VPN

How can you benefit from this Netflix subscription price comparison?

As you can see, the price differences are giant between the different countries. But, did you know that you can benefit from the information we have just shared with you?

If you travel to Argentina and decide to purchase a subscription during your trip to Argentina, you will get your hands on a subscription available at the prices valid in Argentina. And when you go home to France, to the United States, to India, or maybe to Australia, then you will continue paying the monthly fee set by the fee in Argentina.

What if you decide to sign up for Netflix during your holiday in Switzerland? Then you will pay the monthly price valid for a subscription in Switzerland, also when you travel to your home country again.

What does this mean for you? Should you travel to Argentina and purchase a subscription? In the very long run (after 10 years of who knows how many years), you might actually save money using that strategy. But, there is a much easier way to fix this.

Use a VPN to save money on your Netflix subscription

A VPN is capable of changing your IP address. A great VPN for this purpose is ExpressVPN. There are many VPN providers out there, but many of them do not have servers in Argentina, Ecuador, and in Brazil, and others trick Netflix, meaning that you will never be able to visit the Netflix website in those countries, but instead, you will only see the content of Netflix in the United States (even though you connect to a server in Brazil, Argentina, or in Ecuador).

That is why ExpressVPN is an ideal VPN for this purpose. Now, how does it actually work?

Visit ExpressVPN(and save money lots of money)

Click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website. They have a 30-day full refund policy. Should you purchase a 12-months plan, they will give you three additional months for free!

  • First, you click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website.
  • Then you purchase a subscription and download the VPN application to your device.
  • Run the VPN application and connect to a server in Argentina.
  • Log out from your existing Netflix account, and create a new one!
  • Use a new email address (not registered earlier on Netflix.com).
  • Choose the plan you are interested in subscribing to.
The different Netflix plans in Argentina
The different Netflix plans available in Argentina.
  • Complete the subscription process by giving a password, and then to set up your payment.
  • Do not forget, you will get a 30-day free trial first, meaning that you will save money just considering this fact.
  • When you are ready, disconnect from the ExpressVPN server in Argentina, restart your browser (or Netflix application) and start watching Netflix.

It is important to know that ExpressVPN is a brilliant VPN provider. That is why you can later connect to an ExpressVPN server in the United States, and watch the content available on Netflix in the USA. You can connect to a server in Canada and watch the content on Netflix in Canada.

You can also use ExpressVPN to watch content on Netflix in the UK, in the Netherlands, in France, in Germany, in Italy, and in Japan.

It is important to disconnect from the ExpressVPN server in Argentina before you start to actually watch content on Netflix. That is because ExpressVPN is blocked by Netflix in Argentina. So, if you want to stream actual content on Netflix while connected to the server in Argentina, you will receive a proxy and VPN error message. But, you can still use ExpressVPN for the purpose of purchasing a Netflix subscription in Argentina.

If you simply disconnect from the ExpressVPN server in Argentina after purchasing your subscription, you will automatically watch the content on Netflix in the country you are in!

This is really great for people within the EU

This might be great for people in general, but it is especially useful for people in Europe paying a lot for their current subscription. Not only because it is much cheaper, but also because it will give them the chance to change their Netflix country within the EU using a VPN.

Currently, a Netflix subscription registered within the EU will follow you as you travel within the European Union. A person who has registered his Netflix account in France will always see the content of French Netflix, even though he might be in Germany, in Sweden, in Hungary, or in Italy.

But, if you move your Netflix subscription to Argentina, Ecuador, or maybe Brazil, you will always see the Netflix content of the country you are in. As a result, you can use the VPN services of ExpressVPN and be able to watch the content on Netflix in the UK, in the Netherlands, in Germany, in Italy, and so on.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

Once again, click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website.

A VPN will help you pay less for your Netflix subscription, and it will also let you stream Netflix without fearing that someone will steal your confidential information.

I just received a letter from my bank, and they told me not to check my bank account using open WiFi networks. That is entirely true! But, if you use a VPN, you will secure and encrypt your data, even when using open WiFi networks. That means, you can also watch Netflix and feel safe online, even though you use the public WiFi network in your hotel, at Starbucks, or wherever you might be in the world.

A Netflix subscription price comparison – The conclusion

There are big differences between countries when it comes to how much you will have to pay for your Netflix subscription. In general, the countries of Europe have to pay more for the Netflix subscription than most other countries, and Switzerland is by far the most expensive country for Netflix.

However, considering the wages of the people of Switzerland, it is actually quite fair that they pay a price more adjusted to their salaries. The same can be said about the Scandinavian countries and some of the richer central-European countries.

If you simply consider the USD value, the cheapest places to own a Netflix subscription is in Argentina and in Ecuador, followed by Brazil.

It is possible to take advantage of the price differences by using a VPN!

What do you think about the price differences? Do you think there should be one universal price for Netflix? Or is it fair the way it is organized today? If you have any thoughts about the content of this article or the Netflix subscription prices, write a comment!

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