50 First Dates on Netflix

50 first dates on Netflix50 First Dates is an American romantic comedy which was released in 2004 and it was directed by Peter Segal and it was written by George Wing. The movie stars Adam Sandler as Henry Roth who falls in love with Lucy, he is also known for being afraid of serious long-term commitments, Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore who has short term memory loss, Rob Schneider as Ulla who is the friend of Henry, Sean Astin as Doug Whitmore who is the older brother of Lucy, Blake Clark as Marlin Whitmore who is Lucy’s widowed father and so on. 50 First Dates is set in Oahu which is the third largest island of Hawaiian-Islands. The film follows the love story of Henry and Lucy. Henry Roth is a veterinarian who is known for being the womaniser of Oahu and he generally shows no interests in commitments for relationship until he meets Lucy. Lucy has short term memory due to a serious car accident she had. Since the accident every morning when she wakes up she thinks it is 13th October of last year. So Henry finds him self in a situation in which he has to win Lucy’s heart each day.

50 First Dates is an easy romantic comedy movie which got generally mixed reviews and feedbacks. If you want to watch it on Netflix, have fun! The film is available on US Netflix.

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