Trouble watching NBC with SmartDNS

NBC with SmartDNSI am not sure if this is a common problem for everyone who want to watch NBC with a SmartDNS provider, but I have recently had some trouble watching NBC using UnoTelly. The problem is simply that the TV shows will not start, and because of that I will simply have to use a VPN connection instead.

For me that means using PureVPN which you can read more about how to use to watch NBC on the front page of What I do is that I connect to a server in the United States and at once I get an American IP address and with this IP address I am able to watch NBC from abroad, CBS from abroad and all other sorts of American TV stations and their full episodes and live streams (when they are available).

What is causing this problem with NBC and with SmartDNS providers? I am not exactly sure and I am not sure if this is just a problem with some DNS providers or with all of them, but if you should experience problems such as this, I can warmly recommend using PureVPN instead. And you can in fact save a lot of money doing so, because when you sign up for 12 months with PureVPN you normally get their SmartDNS services included in the package, meaning that you for the same amount that you pay for a 100% SmartDNS service, you get both SmartDNS and VPN with PureVPN, at the same price.Visit the PureVPN website

Visit the PureVPN website and sign up, or read more about watching NBC from abroad using PureVPN at the following site.

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  1. Just tested watching NBC using the SmartDNS services of Unlocator and it worked perfectly, so this is probably a temporary problem with the services of UnoTelly instead!

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