The Blacklist s07 e03 review: Les Fleurs du Mal

Yesterday, I got to the third episode of The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix. The title of the episode of Les Fleurs du Mal, based on a name coming from one of the works of Baudelaire. Well, it was a great episode and I had a wonderful time watching. And I have got to say, it brought some surprising elements!

First of all, Elizabeth Keen has a new neighbor. We all know that it is Katarina Rostova, but Elizabeth doesn’t know. So, Elizabeth invites the new lady into her home without any form of suspicion. When the lady tells her that she has returned to connect with her daughter, it all sounds nice, and Elizabeth tells the viewers that she would love for her mum to come looking for her as well. If she only knew…

Katarina takes advantage of the situation and makes a copy of the house key of Elizabeth, and when she is not there, she adds a bug and camera to a doll in the home, and from here on, she can hear everything that takes place in the home… including when Elizabeth tells Raymond clear and loudly how they can get in contact with Louis T. Steinhill. How stupid, and how typical – of course she had to tell him from a house phone, and not in the office where they got the information after interrogating the leader of Les Fleurs du Mal. So, when Raymond went to get information from Louis T. Steinhill, it was already too late as Katarina had taken care of him already.

Aram undercover

But, I jumped a bit in the story – because to get the information about Louis T. Steinhill’s whereabouts they had to track down a society named Les Fleurs du Mal, someone doing some crazy events in which people get an almost impossible task and to survive, they need to solve a problem without a minute. If not, they die! This is an activity many rich people spend lots of money to take part in, and to track the leader down, Aram needs to go undercover with a lady to get the information, but things get heated up as the lady suddenly becomes the one who gets the challenge. She is about to suffocate when Aram is caught. But, instead of just going with the flow, Aram starts to fight, grabs a gun, shoots a couple of bad guys, shoots the chamber in which the lady is, and then throws the gun at it to break the glass. Suddenly, the lady is free and she escapes with Aram. In the heat of it all, they end up kissing one another!!!

But, they are caught again, but this time the FBI comes to their escape. The bad guy is caught, he gives up the necessary information, but Katarina gets the information and gets to Louis T. Steinhill before Raymond does.

The Blacklist season 7 episode 3

In the end, Aram goes to visit the lady again, and someone would probably say that love is in the air. It might be tough for Aram to move on after what happened in season 6, but this seems to be a start.

It should also be mentioned that Raymond Reddington has gotten very fond of the nurse from the first two episodes, and he wants to bring her along as an agent working for himself in this season… at least so it seems after episode 3.

The Blacklist s07 e03 wrap-up

It was a great episode, I liked to see Aram undercover, but I am quite bored with the Katarina Rostova and Elizabeth Keen thing. It is just too stupid, and the neighbor relationship is just so unlikely. We have so many times seen Raymond come to visit Elizabeth as well… but of course, that will not happen now, because it would destroy everything. So, I am quite bored with this part of the story, and I hope it will come to an end as quickly as possible. Let there be action, not this sloppy happy-neighbor-surveillance-nice-old-lady kind of thing!

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