How to download the NBC Android app?

I want to download the NBC application for Android, but I can not find it in the Google Playstore, or I simply get the message that the application is unavailable at my location. What can I do to download the NBC Android application and to start watching the programs available there?

If you want to download the NBC application to your mobile phone or tablet running the Android system you should be in the United States. So, if you are located somewhere else that is the main reason for you not being able to download the application itself.

That is why the best and easiest way to download the NBC application is to simply download it yourself and then install it on your Android device.

The Blacklist on Android abroad
I have downloaded the NBC application to my Android phone and I am watching The Blacklist in it from abroad!

Download and install the NBC Android application

  • First you need to download it from here.
  • Make sure to tell your Android device to accept installations from unknown sources.
  • Install the program.

Now you should be able to run and use the NBC application. But there might be further problems, because if you are located outside the USA then you will not really be able to watch the programs either on your NBC application on your Android device, but instead you will get an error message telling you that “Player is not able to retrieve your stream. Please check your network connection and try again.”

The reason you get that error message is because you are located abroad, and the solution to fix the problem is to get yourself a PureVPN subscription, a service that will make you able to virtually reside in the United States, and thus you just download their application and connect to a server in the United States, and at once you will be able also to watch all the videos and streams available in the NBC application and of course also for similar services like Fox and CBS.Visit the PureVPN website

This is also the solution if you want to watch NBC full episodes on your laptop or iOS system from abroad, so you can really use this for a whole lot of great stuff! Give it a try and do not forget that PureVPN has a 7 day full refund policy!

Do you have further questions? Just write, and I will do my best to help! Enjoy watching all your favorite NBC TV series in the NBC App on your Android device from all across the world!

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