Getting ready for The Blacklist season 7!

A week ago, we didn’t know when the seventh season of The Blacklist would premiere on NBC in the United States. Now we know we will have to wait one more month to find out what’s really going to happen with all our favorite characters in The Blacklist!

If you didn’t know it, the seventh season of The Blacklist will premiere on NBC on Friday the 4th of October. In other words, it seems like NBC was satisfied with the behavior of the show on the tough Friday evening in the United States, and thus, they have decided to let the show keep running on Friday evenings.

But, I guess hardcore fans haven’t cared so much about what day of the week NBC would show the episodes. For them, it has been all about getting access to The Blacklist season 7 as quickly as possible. I know that for many it is hard to watch The Blacklist season 7 on NBC, and thus, they will stream it on Netflix instead. And, with a short delay, you can actually stream The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix as well. You can learn more about how you can watch The Blacklist season 7 in this YouTube clip.

What will happen with Raymond Reddington?

If you haven’t seen The Blacklist season 6 yet, I suggest that you stop reading. After all, those of us who have watched the full season 6 are really curious to find out what will happen with Raymond Reddington. Maybe you have forgotten about it already, but he was stabbed by Katarina Rostova in the very last second of the season finale in season 6.

It was really close that Elizabeth would learn more about her mother, but Raymond managed to cover the tracks. Instead of Elizabeth meeting her, Raymond went to have a chat, and it ended with him being stabbed after a sweet hug. I guess it is obvious that Raymond Reddington will remain alive, but who will find him? And what will be the main plot in season 7?

What will be the main plot of The Blacklist season 7?

What made The Blacklist season 6 so great was the fact that it was different. Raymond Reddington spent half the season in prison, and the entire concept was changed due to this. It made the season brilliant, but can they possibly come up with a just as interesting plot and the storyline for the seventh season? I have my doubts. It will be boring if it is all about finding Katarina Rostova (while catching some crooks from the blacklist), so I hope they will come up with something juicy. But, it can’t be easy always coming up with something juicy. At least, I cannot come up with anything that I believe would give a solid story to The Blacklist season 7.

Do you have any wishes for the upcoming season? What would you like to see happen? Would it be cool if they all had to go undercover to Russia and live the full season undercover? I would love to hear them if you have any ideas related to the upcoming season!

Waiting for October 4th…

I am looking forward to October 4th already. While waiting, I guess I will watch some Peaky Blinders online, the final episodes of Suits on Netflix, and maybe some shows I haven’t had the time to watch yet.

If you want to be well prepared for The Blacklist season 7, make sure to follow the instructions here at to find out how you can easily stream the programs at the NBC website for free, all across the world!

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