How to get rid of commercials watching full episodes on

Adblock on NBCAs you watch TV episodes online on you almost get bombarded with commercials and during a TV program lasting 40 minutes you will be stopped about five times for you to be influenced on what to buy and what to wear. So, how can you get rid of these commercials showing up on

As we watch NBC from Europe online we use a VPN, but a VPN will not remove those commercials for you, so that is not a solution. However, what you will need to remove the commercials is a plugin in your browser. For example, if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox then there is this plugin/extension that you can install in both browsers which is called AdBlock (for FireFox/Chrome). If you install and enable this all ads will be removed from your browser like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and so on, and also all ads displayed elsewhere on the Internet, like in the middle of programs that you watch on It works great, however I warn you that the plugin in itself really is capable of slowing down your browser, so I normally deactivate it all the time, and then I only enable the plugin whenever I actually want to use it on

[stbpro id=”alert” caption=”September 2016 update”]This method worked for a long time, but it is not working anymore as NBC now discovers ad blockers![/stbpro]