Watch Manchester City – Barcelona online on ITV from outside UK on February 18th

It is the 17th of February today and tomorrow it will be the 18th of February. That is not just any date, it is the date for the fantastic match between Manchester City and Barcelona.

The venue for this fantastic match will be the City of Manchester Stadium with a capacity of about 60,000 people. There will be a fantastic atmosphere at the stadium, but if you can not be there at the stadium, you will for sure want to follow the match from home at your computer or at your tablet. But, how can you watch Manchester City – Barcelona online? The answer is ITV.

Watch Manchester City – Barcelona online on ITV

The match between Manchester City and Barcelona will be broadcasted on ITV, and it will be available online as well. You can watch the match with beautiful English commentaries, the best way to watch any football match. But, if you try to watch the game on ITV from abroad, you will get an error message. That is typical, because the reality is that you are not supposed to watch ITV from abroad. Luckily you can easily fix this, and the answer is a VPN. If you use IPVanish, a great VPN provider, you can even get a 25% discount on their services at the moment, you just connect to a server in the UK and you will get a UK IP address and you can watch the match online at the ITV website.

It is very easy, so just visit the ITV website and be prepared for an amazing game between Manchester City and Barcelona in Champions League on February 18th.

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