Tutorial video explaining how to watch ITV outside England

Do you feel like a dummy when it comes to tech-topics? Are you looking for an easy way to watch ITV outside England? Have you recently seen an error message telling you that ITV can only be streamed in England, and not outside England?

You probably know what I am speaking about, and beneath you can see an easy video-explainer showing you how to watch ITV from abroad. It is really easy to follow and understand, and it will help you. If you follow the instructions, you can later use the same method to watch BBC from abroad, to gain access to American Netflix, and so much more.

Video-tutorial: ITV from abroad

I hope you enjoyed the video and found it to be really useful. Should you have further questions or comments, just use the comment field beneath.

You can also read more detailed information about how to watch ITV from abroad here at itv.fromabroad.org. If you look for a way to download the ITV Hub application to your Android device, or maybe you want to find out which postal code to use during the registration process, read the articles here at this page.