Can’t find the ITV Player application in Google Play Store

Would you like to watch ITV and use the ITV Player on your Android device, but you are unable to find the application as you look in the Play Store, and instead you find other programs with similar names? What has happened to the ITV Player application?

The problem is not with the application, but with your location. The Google Play Store operates with different offers in different nations, and only people located in the United Kingdom will be able to download and find the ITV Player application. So, what can be done to fix this?

What I will recommend for you to do is simply to download the APK file for the ITV Player application and install it yourself, without using the Google Play Store. You can download the file from one of the links beneath.

Once you have downloaded it you need to enter Options – Security and then allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Once this has been done you can click the downloaded file and install the ITV Player on your Android device.

But, even if you have this in order you will probably face other problems once you have the application installed, and you can read more about ITV Player errors and how to fix them here.

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