Where can I purchase CBS All Access gift card abroad?

I would love to purchase a CBS All Access gift card that I can use to pay for my CBS All Access subscription or to create an account, but I cannot find a place that lets me purchase such a gift card. Is there a place where I can buy a CBS gift card without an American payment card, without an American PayPal account?

It can be really complicated to sign up for CBS All Access abroad. The trouble isn’t finding a VPN that works with CBS All Access, but the problem is finding a way to pay for your subscription. It almost feels as if they do not want your money, but I guess that isn’t correct. They are rather trying to keep intruders who want to watch CBS abroad far away from their platform.

Get ready to redeem your CBS All Access Gift Card abroad
It is possible to buy a CBS Gift Card outside the United States (without a bank card issued in the USA). Read on to find out how!

But, if you have a CBS All Acess gift card, you can sign up for the service and pay for it, without a payment card in the United States. But, most gift card stores will also require you to have an address in the United States and a payment card issued in the United States. So, what can you do about that?

How and where to buy a CBS Gift Card outside the United States?

I recently found one gift card store where you can buy your CBS gift card easily online. You do not need an American PayPal account, you do not need a bank card issued in the States… all you need is a payment card. If you want to, you can even pay for the CBS All Access gift card using Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. That means you can be completely and totally anonymous as you purchase your CBS All Access gift card.

How and where can this CBS gift card be bought?

  • To purchase a CBS gift card abroad, visit the following site.
  • Search for CBS and purchase a gift card with your requested value.
  • Go to the CBS Gift Card page and redeem your gift card.
  • Add your information (make sure to register with a zip code and address in the USA).
  • Stream CBS All Access abroad.

It is very important that you have a VPN running throughout this process. You need an American IP address to watch CBS abroad, and you need a VPN to run during the registration and gift-card redeeming process as well.

Currently, the best VPN for CBS All Access in SurfsharkVPN.

Surfshark VPN websitewith 83% discount and 30-day full refund

You can visit the SurfsharkVPN website by clicking the button above. Download their VPN client and connect to one of their servers in the United States. After this, go ahead with the gift card process and start streaming CBS All Access.

What should I watch on CBS All Access?

My favorite programs on CBS All Access currently are The Young Sheldon, and also The Big Bang Theory. I still have a couple of episodes left of the final season of The Big Bang Theory, but in a couple of weeks, I guess I will have seen every single episode of this popular show as well.

Then I can continue with The Young Sheldon and some of the other great shows available on the platform. A brand new show is called The Unicron. I have watched the first episode, and it looks really boring. Luckily, there are other shows with more action and better jokes available on CBS, so I guess I will be streaming those instead.

Do you need help with your CBS Gift Card?

I have tried to make these instructions easy to understand and easy to follow. If you still have a question or need some help along the way, write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

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  1. I recently acquired a VPN to watch NCIS on CBS but can’t get past the signin screen. I was going to buy a gift card, as you suggested, but there is a message to say they don’t accept gift cards as payment. Any suggestions?

    1. It does work, so on the gift card page, follow the instructions given there, and you should be able t redeem your gift card and then create an account 🙂

  2. thank you so much for the gist card idea!! im trying to pay them for days and i dont have an american bank account lol. thanks again!

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