The Atheist Papers – An Interesting God Friended Me episode

The most recent episode of God Friended Me was titled The Atheist Papers. Daryl Watkins is the name of an atheist who has written books and inspired lots of people, including Miles Finer. But, now he has turned into a friend suggestion, making Miles know that something is wrong. But, what is the problem with Daryl Watkins?

I have seen all the different episodes of God Friended Me. Some are boring, some are average, and a few of them are great. My favorite of all God Friended Me episode has got to be A New Hope! I didn’t like it because it has the same name as the first Star Wars movie, but because it had such a special and heart-touching story.

Unfortunately, The Atheist Papers wasn’t as amazing as A New Hope, but it was still an interesting episode in its own way.

The Atheist Papers on God Friended Me

An Atheist in Trouble

From the first moment I saw Daryl in the episode, I was able to predict approximately what would happen and what the story would be about. I was correct in quite a big part of it. What happens to our big atheist? He is having trouble…. as he fears that God actually might exist. What has led him to this thought? You will find out if you watch the episode!

I like the way the producers deal with troublesome and hard questions, and even though they are not all meant to lead us or Miles to God, they still share values and thoughts that are interesting. I didn’t get anything special from watching the episode, but it delivered me a good message and some encouraging words, just like I am used to from watching God Friended Me.

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God Friended Me is one of few TV series available right now in which you can see good values, encouraging messages, and totally free of sex, swearing, and violence. I guess it isn’t a coincidence that so many people love this show, and that CBS airs the new episodes on Sundays. This is almost like a second church service for many people.

What to watch during the coronavirus?

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I guess watching all the episodes of God Friended Me season 1 and 2 on CBS All Access is an amazing idea. If you want to laugh a lot, get started with The Big Bang Theory, or The Young Sheldon.

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How did you like the most recent episode of God Friended Me? Write a comment and let me and all the other readers know!

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