Star Trek Discovery season 2 is now on CBS!

The highly anticipated second season of Star Trek Discovery is now on CBS, meaning that those with CBS All Access subscriptions can easily watch it online.

CBS All Access received lots of new subscribers after the creation of the first season of this popular Star Trek series. Now the second season is online, and subscribers can watch one new episode every week.

Star Trek Discovery season 2 on CBS and on Netflix
Star Trek Discovery on CBS

But, did you know that Star Trek Discovery is shown on Netflix in lots of European countries? In other words, it is not shown on normal TV stations like ITV or Channel 4 in the UK, but instead the streaming rights have been given to Netflix. So, if you would like to watch the second season of Star Trek Discovery on Netflix, it isn’t hard at all to do so. You can watch this video on YouTube showing you how easy it is to stream Star Trek. Discovery season 2 on Netflix!

So, it is your decision if you want to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 2 on CBS All Access or on Netflix, but one thing remains sure – All Star Trek enthusiasts will want to watch the new episodes as they are released weekly.

  • The first episode of season 2 aired on January 17th and was titled “Brother”.
  • The second episode will air on CBS on January 24th, and the episode is titled “New Eden”.

Are you curious about what’s going to happen in the series?

You can find more information on how to watch CBS online outside the USA here at

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