No more The Odd Couple on CBS

One of my favorite comedy series the last years has now come to an end. The Odd Couple did not satisfy CBS with its amount of viewers, and as a result the production of the fourth season has been cancelled.

I must admit that I was really sad to hear about this, after all The Odd Couple and The Big Bang Theory are my favorite comedies on CBS at the moment. There are other great shows as well on CBS, but these are my two favorite shows. Not only did The Odd Couple receive a kick in the but other TV series like The Great Indoors and Pure Genius were also ended. The last two series were newcomers this year, but they did not live up to their expectations, and thus CBS decided to cancel them and go for some new material as well.

Bye bye to the Odd Couple
Bye bye to the Odd Couple on CBS

I was personally not a big fan of The Great Indoors, and even though it had some potential, I did not really follow it. Pure Genius was pure boredom, and thus I stopped watching that quickly. But, The Odd Couple was fun and the characters were great. I especially admired the character of Felix Unger, a fantastic role and so cool. I will miss The Odd Couple, but hopefully some other great stuff will come instead.

There is one more CBS series that I enjoy, Kevin Can Wait. But, compared to The Odd Couple I find that to be quite boring as well. What I am most amazed about is the fact that Macgyver will live for a second season. After watching the 4-5 first episodes I just couldn’t keep up with it, and I thought most other viewers would abandon this CBS series as well. But, I seem to be wrong, and thus Macgyver was renewed for a second season in March 2017.

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