Macgyver is coming back!

One of my childhood heroes is coming back to the screen again, but this time it is not Macgyver senior (Richard Dean Anderson), but Macgyver junior who is returning.

Macgyver is back

If you have a CBS All Access subscription then you can watch all the old Macgyver episodes on the CBS websites or on whatever platform you own that support and have a CBS All Access application available (for example Roku, Apple TV, Amazon TV and more). But, now CBS is doing something interesting, they are creating a new Macgyver and it will start airing this autumn. As far as I understand our new Macgyver hero is supposed to be the son of the former Macgyver, but that is based purely on how I understood and watched the trailer, so I might misunderstand something. But, what is for sure is that the principles are the same and again Macgyver is using whatever he can find to create a bomb and solve all problems ahead of him.

Above you can take a look at the Macgyver trailer and make an opinion for yourself if this looks promising or not. I am really curious, but I did not get a “I have to watch this” feeling as I checked out the trailer, but there will for sure come more trailers and of course the episodes themselves this autumn, and maybe they will convince me more.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to watch Macgyver on CBS? If you want to watch CBS All Access online outside the US simply click the link to find out more about how it is done!

CBS also introduced five other TV series that will launch this autumn and I will come back and write more articles about those in the future! Until then enjoy watching the season finales of all your favorite CBS shows like NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Mom, the Odd Couple and other cool shows!

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