This looks promising – Pure Genius

Six new TV series will come to CBS this autumn. Pure Genius is the most interesting of all the new TV series coming to CBS this autumn. Get to know more about it!

Pure Genius on CBS
A very interesting medical TV series coming to CBS, Pure Genius

As I first read a 50 word description of Pure Genius I did not really catch the story, but as I watched the trailer everything changed and now I simply cant wait to watch the first episodes of Pure Genius as it will come to CBS this autumn. It stars Dermot Mulroney and Augustus Prew and they are in a hospital specialized at treating people who are considered un-treatable and incredibly sick. Augustus Prew the character of a genius who is treating people for free in his Silicon Valley hospital and Dermot Mulroney plays a doctor who he tries to convince to come and work with him in the hospital.

I read in another article on Pure Genius that the writer said the trailer was so boring that he had problems actually looking through it all, but for me it was very different and this looks very promising to me. The world is full with different hospital TV series like Dr. House, Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Med and ER, but Pure Genius will fit into this category, but still be completely different and that is what makes it very interesting. If you want to watch this on CBS, read my article on how you can watch CBS online outside the United States.

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