Elementary season 4 to premiere on November 5th

Elementary online season 4Are you looking forward to the upcoming season of Elementary? The new season, season 4, is to premiere on November 5th. That is when we can follow up on what is going on with our beloved Sherlock and Dr. Joan Watson.

We do not know much about the upcoming season yet, but what we do know is that the title of the first episode will be “The Past Is Parent” and the episode was written by Robert Doherty and directed by John Polson. This will be episode 73 totally of Elementary, and I am am very much forward to it myself, so let us together wait for November 5th and if you want to know more about how you can watch Elementary live online on CBS, then I recommend that you read the following article. If you try to watch Elementary from within the United States you will not need those instructions, but if you should try to watch Elementary or some other CBS TV series online from abroad, then you will need those instructions!

Have fun while waiting!

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