CBS All Access vs PeacockTV?

CBS was fast to launch its own streaming service, CBS All Access. NBC was waiting for a longer time, but now they have released their streaming service named PeacockTV as well. Which is the best? Which will give you the best value for your money?

I know this page is about CBS and how to watch CBS abroad. But, truth be told, if you want value for your money, you will get way more at PeacockTV. Do you know why? Because you can watch quite a lot of TV series and movies completely for free on PeacockTV. That is not so on CBS All Access. In fact, you have to have a subscription with CBS All Access to stream anything at all. As a result, CBS All Access is only for those who want to spend actual money on a streaming service.

PeacockTV can be used by anyone, and currently, you can watch movies and TV series such as Downton Abbey and more entirely for free at the service. That is quite insane!

CBS All Access vs PeacockTV

Price differences

If you want to buy a premium subscription to PeacockTV, the pricing will be the same as if you want to buy a CBS All Access subscription (with ads).

In other words, a CBS All Access standard subscription will cost you $5,99 per month. The same subscription will cost you $4,99 on PeacockTV. If you hate ads and really want to get rid of them, then the price for the commercial free package is $9.99 on both platforms.


If you have a Premium subscription to PeacockTV, you will be able to stream endless hours of NBC original content, and also PeacockTV original content. But, it is still not much compared to all the TV series you can stream with a CBS All Access subscription.

However, the question here isn’t really about quantity, but about your interests. What are you interested in streaming? If you want to stream The Young Sheldon, then CBS All Access is the obvious choice. Would you like to watch Survivor or some other CBS All Access original content, the platform from CBS is the obvious choice.

But, if you want to stream Brave New World (a PeacockTV original) or maybe the most recent episodes of Blacklist, Blindspot, or some other NBC show, then PeaockTV is wonderful. Would you like to watch Premier League football online, then you should also go for PeacockTV.

Did I make it all more complicated for you right now, or did I make it easier? I am not really sure, but I hope I have been able to answer some of the most frequently asked questions of interest when it comes to both platforms.

CBS All Access vs PeacockTV – if you live outside the United States

If you live outside the United States, you will not get access to any of the platforms at all. But, if you use a VPN, you can still get access to both the platforms. If you want more information on which VPN to use and how to watch CBS and PeacockTV abroad, check the following article:

Which is your favorite platform?

Do you have a favorite platform? Or are you buying a subscription to both? I would love to hear your input and thoughts on the matter!

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