The best newcomers on CBS this autumn

Christmas is approaching and finally you get the time to catch up on the new CBS shows that arrived this autumn. Which CBS show should you chose?

When Christmas arrives most of us draw back to spend time with the people we love. Much time is spend on a couch in front of the TV, and it is the perfect time to watch a good Christmas movie or maybe catch up on your favorite TV series. But, since Big Bang Theory has been running for nine seasons you are already addicted to that show, meaning that you watch the episodes every week at once as they are aired. But, maybe some new TV show has arrived to CBS this autumn that you haven’t watched yet, and this Christmas will be your great chance to get some new favorites. The only question is which CBS shows to choose?

The best CBS newcomers in the autumn of 2016

I have tried to watch at least one episode of every newcomer on CBS this autumn, and based on that I have no trouble making up a list of the best newcomers. There are some shows I watch all the time, while some shows had a hard time getting my interest. So, here are my thoughts on the new CBS shows!

Best CBS newcomers autumn 2016


It did not become a favorite for me. I do like it and I have watched at least 5 episodes, but for some reason it is quite far down on my TV show priority list. It has a whole lot of the original Macgyver to it, but it has turned much more into an action TV series than the original (which was more like a scout TV series). That comes with the age and the time, but still having a hard time making me interested. Might be worth it!

Kevin Can Wait

If I have to pick one show on CBS that I would really like to watch every week then Kevin Can Wait has got to be it. It is a TV series about Kevin, who just retired, and now he has all the time in the world to live out his desires. At least that is what he thought retiring would be like. This is  a very light TV series. It has nothing to say, it is about nothing, and it is super for just sitting down, relaxing and laughing!

Pure Genius

I had great expectations to this show, but after one episode (the pilot) I had a hard time enjoying it. And for that reason I stopped watching this TV series about the super genius who use his knowledge and money to create a super hospital where the most impossible sicknesses can be healed.


This is a great show with Michael Weatherly. I have only watched the first two episodes, but that is simply because my day only consist of 24 hours, and in those 24 hours I have so much other stuff that I like to do. I like the show because it approaches the typical “lawyer” TV series from a different angle. Michael Weatherly plays his role in a brilliant way and to be honest, this is probably a TV series I would prefer much rather than Macgyver. The question is therefore why I have watched five Macgyver episodes and two Bull episodes? I guess it is about my motivation. I really wanted Macgyver to be brilliant, but after watching five episodes I had to discover that it isn’t. So, maybe I will watch an episode of Bull instead of Macgyver the next time I have to decide between the two shows.

Man With a Plan

What can be said about Man With a Plan? I have watched the first four of five episodes and this is a typical light and easy comedy TV series to watch. The story isn’t really that catchy, meaning that I do not find it important to watch. It is however easy to watch and every episode might now and then give you a good laugh. So, why not?

Which is your favorite newcomer on CBS?

If you have read the article you already now my order, but here I will write it down to sum up this article.

  1. Kevin Can Wait (Gold medal)
  2. Bull (Silver medal)
  3. Macgyver/Man With a Plan (share Bronze medal)
  4. Pure Genius (no medal at all)

Do you agree with my list? Do you disagree? Have I forgotten about a show (I have a feeling that I have forgotten about something). Please write a comment and share your thoughts!

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