Watch Super Bowl 2016 online on BBC

Super Bowl 2016 onlineDid you know that BBC got the rights to broadcast the Super Bowl in September 2015? That means that it is no longer Channel 4 in the UK that will broadcast the fantastic Super Bowl event, but instead BBC will do so.

If you are interested you will delighted to know that Super Bowl in 2016 will be the 50th ever and that means it will not only be a fantastic match between Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, but it will probably be the craziest half time show ever with Coldplay participating and even some other secret stars to show up.

Super Bowl 2016 will be broadcasted online on BBC and to watch it you will only need to get yourself an IP address in England, something that is very easy. Click the HideMyAss button beneath, sign up, download their program and connect to a server in England. Visit HideMyAss websiteWhen you have done so you have an IP address in England and then at once you can visit and go for the BBCPlayer and start watch the Super Bowl 2016 online right away.

The stream itself is 100% free so all you need is that local IP address in the UK. But, do not forget that if you sign up for HideMyAss you can use your subscription not only to watch the Super Bowl 2016 online, but later this year you can use it to watch the Euro 2016 online and also the Summer Olympics online. In addition you can watch lots of other programs on BBC and also to change your Netflix region and so much more. A great investment. If you are not satisfied you can however ask for a full refund within 30 days. You are only entitled to a full refund if you have used less than 10GB of bandwidth!

Enjoy Super Bowl 2016 and have fun watching it online on BBC!

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