Watch Euro 2016 on BBC online from abroad

The Euro 2016 will be one of the highlights in 2016 and especially after England did so great during the qualification, making them one of the big favorites to win the entire tournament. But, will they be able to play strong, even when under such a heavy pressure from fans all across the world?

Who knows, but what I do know is that you can watch all the action from the Euro 2016 live online on the BBC website (and on the ITV website as the two channels cooperate on showing the Euro 2016 in the UK).

watch euro 2016 online on BBC
List of group stage matches during Euro 2016 that you can watch online on BBC

As far as I know BBC will show the matches in which England will play, but I can of course not guarantee that at the time of writing, as no information still exist about when England will play, or against whom they will play. But, the point is still the same, if you want to watch BBC from abroad and watch the Euro 2016 on BBC online, you will need an IP address in England and you can get one easily following these instructions:

  • Visit the HideMyAss website clicking the button beneath.
    Visit HideMyAss website
  • Sign up for their services for at least one month and download their client.
  • Connect to one of their servers in the United Kingdom.
  • Visit BBC website over again, and you will now be able to watch the Euro 2016 online on the BBC website from wherever you might be in the world.

That is how easy it is to watch the Euro 2016 online on BBC. Have fun doing so, and if you should have any questions or comments, just write in the comment field!


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