Watch The Abominable Bride on the BBC website

Yesterday evening was the premiere for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride on BBC in the UK and on PBS in the United States. I was among the lucky ones to follow the live stream of the first episode on BBC (from abroad) and it was a thrilling experience and I am sure that you will want to watch it as well.

Sherlock Holmes in 19th century
Watch Sherlock: The Abominable Bride online on the BBC webstie

I am not 100% sure about whether this video will be available for how long time on the BBC website, but if I remember correct it will be made available to watch from January 10th on demand (for free) and it will be available online on the BBC website for about two weeks. So, I recommend that you visit and their BBC Player and search for Sherlock. If the episode is available go ahead and watch it right away, if not then you will have to wait for a while until it becomes available on streaming services such as Netflix, NOW TV and Hulu.

Another option is of course to buy it on as an Instant Video, that might be the quickest option if you are inpatient and want to get hold of it right away, and you are suffering from the fact that it is not available on the BBC website. It will be made available for sale as a DVD and on Blu-Ray on already on January 12th. If you want to buy it on (that means in the UK instead), then you can buy it on instead using the link provided.

Have fun and enjoy watching Sherlock: The Abominable Bride online right away, or if not available, order it on DVD or Blu-Ray!


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