Summer Olympics approaching

Can Andy Murray win againThe Rio Olympics will have its official start on August 5th, but already on August 3rd a few competitions will have their official start. BBC is the broadcaster of the Summer Olympics in England, and it is considered by many to be the best of all broadcasters showing the Summer Olympics around the world.

England is a very good nation during the Summer Olympics, but they are not among the top three. Normally Russia, USA and China are the best nations, but in London the home crowd helped the Brits so much that they actually ended the Olympics as the third best nation. Can they keep that success going in Rio?

You probably want to watch the Summer Olympics on BBC and it can be done online at Whenever you visit the site you can go to the live streams and start watching. I should however mention that this will not work if you try to watch from abroad, as BBC is only available in the UK. To bypass such geo-blocks making you able to watch BBC from abroad, click the link.

News about the Summer Olympics

I will not have the time nor the energy to update this site during the Summer Olympics with information about the different events taking place. As a consequence I would recommend you to visit if you want updated information and interesting articles about the events taking place in Rio.

With only twelve days to go before the opening ceremony you better get all important tasks done. When the action starts in Rio you will not have much time left to do other stuff, hence you better get all such tasks done before the Rio Olympics start.

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