BBC and the Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards 2016 will be handed out on September 18th in the USA. Unfortunately the event can only be followed on ABC in the USA, but if you have some patience you can watch it on-demand on September 19th.

As a BBC fan you have lots of reasons to watch the Emmy Awards. I would love to watch the ceremony myself, but since an ABC subcsription in the USA is required to watch it online, I do not have a chance at all. Why would I want to watch the Emmy Awards 2016 online? Because BBC is heavily involved and some of my favorite TV series this last year might even win an award.


My BBC favorite – The Night Manager

BBC has received nominations for several trophy’s. My number one favorite this last year is named The Night Manager, and luckily that was also nominated for several awards. The Night Manager tells us the tense story about a Night Manager in a hotel who gets insight on illegal trading of weapons. He does his best to stop it, but as the takes action someone he loves gets killed. He never gets by this, and that is why he several years later decides to stand up against the number one bad guy, played by Hugh Laurie (Dr.House)!

Our Night Manager who is played by Tom Hiddleston plays with diligence and fire, and the same can be said about Hugh Laurie. Together they make this a fantastic movie (in 8 parts), and if you haven’t seen it yet, you better get going. And if you watch The Night Manager before the Emmy Awards 2016, I am sure that you will cheer for it during the ceremony itself, just as I am going to.

You can not watch The Night Manager on the BBC website at the moment, but you can watch lots of other content there. If you are located outside the UK you can follow these instructions to access BBC iPlayer from abroad.

But, let us now concentrate on the Emmy Awards 2016 and cheer for The Night Manager and Luther on September 18th!

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