Are BBC blocking VPN services?

I have been watching BBC using HideMyAss for a long time. Recently it stopped working? Is BBC blocking VPN services? Are there any services still working?

I have read a whole lot of articles recently on how BBC blocks more and more VPN services. They are not actually blocking a VPN service, but they are blocking the IP addresses used by the different VPN providers. I have also experiened it myself, and I have been forced to rewrite the main article here at on how you can watch BBC from abroad. The reason is simple!

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In the beginning was HideMyAss

In the beginning, I recommended HideMyAss myself as the number one solution for those who wanted to watch BBC from abroad. They have a website that is very easy to use, it looks nice and their services are very easy to use. Their services still work and they are easy to use, but they are blocked 100% by BBC. As a result, you can no longer use HideMyAss to unblock BBC and watch BBC online from abroad.

Then came IPVanish

Once I realized that HideMyAss did not work I tested another favorite tool of mine, IPVanish. They have loads of servers in the UK as well and it seemed to work very fine with BBC for a long time. But, then I received reports and based on my own tests as well it seemed as if BBC blocked most servers and IP addresses provided by IPVanish as well. That lead to me testing even more VPN providers, and that leads me to the present day!

Using a VPN to unblock BBC from abroad

You can still use a VPN to unblock BBC from abroad. You can watch and enjoy BBC iPlayer online from all across the world, but it has gotten much harder. I will not write how it can be done in this article, but I have re-written the main article on this blog. In that article, you will find updated information about VPN services that still work with BBC, and thus you can get read to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad in a few minutes from now.

I can not guarantee that the methods will work forever, so if you sign up for such services I recommend that you only sign up for one month at a time. It might cost more if you stay active for 12 months, but if the VPN provider will be blocked after two months you still save money this way.

Give it a try! If you have comments or questions, just use the comment field beneath!

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