How to listen to BBC Radio abroad?

Would you like to listen to BBC radio abroad? How can you listen to your favorite BBC radio channels outside the United Kingdom? It’s very easy!

As you probably understand I am writing this article from outside England, outside the United Kingdom. As you might now it is very hard to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad, as there is a geo-block on their streams and they are only available to people in the UK. So, what’s up if you want to listen to BBC Radio from abroad? Luckily it is way more easy than it is to watch BBC from abroad.


Listen to BBC Radio abroad

To listen to BBC radio from abroad all you need to do is to visit the BBC iPlayer Radio website. There you can freely select the radio stream that you would like to listen to and you can start watching right away. As I did some background work for this article I noticed some sources claiming that a VPN is needed to listen to BBC iPlayer Radio online, but that doesn’t seem to be true at all to me. I have been able to listen to all BBC iPlayer Radio channels without trouble, and without using a VPN or a SmartDNS connection.

So, go ahead and visit the BBC iPlayer Radio website and listen to your favorite radio channel right away.

Which radio channels can I listen to on BBC iPlayer Radio?

Wonder which radio channels you can listen to as you visit the BBC iPlayer Radio? Here you have the full list:

  • BBC Radio 1
  • BBC Radio 1 Extra
  • BBC Radio 2
  • BBC Radio 3
  • BBC Radio 4
  • BBC Radio 4 Extra
  • BBC Radio 5 Live
  • BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
  • BBC Radio 6 Music
  • Asian Network
  • World Service
  • Radio Scotland
  • Radio Nan Gaidheal
  • Radio Ulster
  • Radio Foyle
  • Radio Wales
  • Radio Cymru
  • several local radio stations

Feel like listening to any of these radio stations? Visit the BBC Radio iPlayer and listen to them right away, from all across the world. Have a good time.

BBC Radio on Android and iOS

If you have an Android device or an iOS device then you can also listen to BBC Radio easily. Simply download the BBC Radio application and start listening from all across the world.

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