Sherlock is back on BBC

Have you been waiting for Sherlock season 4 for a long time? The time of waiting is over and you can now watch the new episodes as they arrive weekly

Sherlock season 4 on BBCUnlike most other TV series the new Sherlock episodes will not come every week for a long time. The first episode premiered on BBC on January 1st in 2017 and we can expect a new episode on January 8th and on January 15th and after that we will probably have to wait for lots of years before we ever get a new Sherlock episode again (if we ever get a new one). There has been quite some speculations in media about whether we can expect new Sherlock episodes to be produced in the future or not, and little do we know currently. Maybe some more light will be shed on the topic as we watch the three new episodes in season 4 of Sherlock, but nothing can be said for sure at the very moment.

The reception of the first episode of season 4 with Sherlock has been somewhat lukewarm. Most people agree that it was a nice episode, but there has been quite average ratings placing it somewhere between great and poor. Some have criticized the story in itself and the lack of a great mystery to be solved, while someone found the season premiere to be almost boring. It has also been said that Sherlock just turned more into a dark action movie than a typical Sherlock Holmes story, but since I have not yet seen the first episode of season 4 I can not really say whether I agree to these comments or not.

Where to watch Sherlock season 4 online?

The very best way to watch Sherlock season 4 online is by visiting and watching it there in the iPlayer. The first episode which aired on January 1st will be available until the end of January and the same is true for the upcoming episodes as well. The general principle is that a new episode is available on BBC iPlayer for thirty days after it aired originally.

If you are located outside the UK you can follow the instructions right here to watch and access and enjoy BBC from abroad.

The new Sherlock season can also be seen on Netflix in a few Netflix regions. So, if you are lucky you might find the new episodes on Netflix. You can read more about which Netflix regions you can watch it on and how to access those Netflix regions at

I wish you all a happy new year and enjoy watching BBC from abroad.


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