Sherlock season 4 is no longer on BBC iPlayer. Where to watch it?

In the start of January 2017 we were so happy about how you could watch Sherlock season 4 on BBC iPlayer. But, since then 30 days has passed, and now you can’t watch any of the season 4 episodes in the BBC iPlayer anymore. The question is therefore, where to watch Sherlock season 4 online now?

At the moment I have only watched the first two episodes of season 4, which means I have the last episode left. And guess what, as I checked out on the BBC website, I could not watch the last episode there anymore. So, what can I do if I want to watch the last episode of Sherlock season 4 online? I had to look around for a while, but then I found the answer, and the answer is Netflix. Now you might know about how Sherlock season 4 can be found in certain Netflix regions, but maybe not in yours. But, I also found a way in which you can get access to and watch Sherlock season 4 in another Netflix region, even though you might be somewhere completely different. Doesn’t that sound quite cool?

If you want to find out how it can be done, then simply press the link above to give it a try.

My short Sherlock season 4 review

I am not really sure what I expected from season 4 as I started to watch it, but based on the first two episodes I am quite satisfied. The episodes were not as thrilling as some of the episodes from the first seasons, but there has clearly been worse episodes as well.

If you like a good Sherlock plot, with Sherlock explaining how he understood something, then there will be such scenes as well in the first two episodes, but there could have been even more.

Give it a try. Watch Sherlock season 4 on Netflix, and please write your thoughts on it in a comment beneath once you are done.

It might be that Sherlock season 4 is gone from BBC iPlayer, but if there is other content on BBC iPlayer that you can want to watch from outside the UK, simply press the link to find out how it can be done.

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