BBC going strong during the Emmy Awards 2016 nominations

The Night Manager on BBCWe all know that BBC is good at creating TV series. This years Emmy Awards nominations make this fact even more true. And it seems as if The Night Manager has been an especially big success.

If you take a look at the different programs and networks receiving nominations for the different Emmy Awards in 2016, you will see that BBC has been nominated in six categories. The Night Manager was nominated in the category “Best Mini Series.” However, that was not its only nomination. The Night Manager was also nominated for the role of Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine and Hugh Laurie’s role as Richard Roper. Olivia Colman was also nominated for her role as Angela Burr in the same TV series. So far I have mentioned four nominations, but The Night Manager was also nominated in two more categories.

BBC America also received nominations for Orphan Black and Luther.

How can I watch the Emmy Awards online?

The Emmy Awards 2016 will be broadcasted on September 18th. I do not know yet how to watch the Emmy Awards online. It might be that BBC will broadcast the event, but that has not been confirmed yet. If it will be broadcasted on BBC online, then you can read more about streaming BBC online here. Until then you can also read more about how you can watch the Emmy Awards 2016 online in this article in the IP Address Guide.

The event will be broadcasted on ABC in the United States, but since many of us live in Europe that will not help us much.


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