What happened to the international shipping on Amazon?

I just placed an order for eight books on Amazon.com, and yet again I was surprised to discover that the second best option was the cheapest. This is the second time I have seen this happen.

I am not sure what has exactly happened, but I have a feeling that the price of the cheapest shipping has increased, and thus the second best shipping version has turned into the cheapest. It is negative if you want shipping to be as cheap as possible, but if you still order and want to get it at soon as possible, you can at least order fast shipping with a clean conscience.

where is waldo

As I placed my order today, the price was approximately 80 USD, shipping included. The shipping cost was 31 USD, meaning that the books costed me 49 USD. It feels quite steep that I pay just as much for the shipping as for the books, but that is the way it is when you order from the United States to Europe.

What did I order?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Where is Waldo books that I remember so well from my childhood. I ordered 3 books more than a month ago, and they became so popular, that I just had to order the rest of the Where is Waldo books. And because they are so popular, I ordered two examples of several of them, so I have books to give away as birthday gifts and Christmas gifts as well.

The good thing is that Amazon ships books to Europe with no trouble. But, if you want to order a Kindle, a mini-projector or some other product that can’t be shipped to Europe, follow these instructions to have your products shipped to Europe from Amazon.com easily.

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