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X-Files season 10 onlineX-Files was a success story long time ago and now they are back in business again following up their nine earlier seasons with a tenth season. At the time I am writing this there has so far been aired 3 episodes of season 10 and if you want to watch the new episodes as soon as they have been shown on TV, then is the place to go!

And, let me also tell you that if you have an Amazon Prime subscription then you can watch the previous nine seasons for free online on as they are included in your current Prime subscription. Isn’t that cool, or what?

So, should you watch X-Files? I am personally not at all a big fan of this, but still I remember as I was younger that I kind of liked the TV series as it was first aired. It was kind of scary and everyone talked about it, so I watched it as well, but in the end I did not watch it to frequently, because I was not a big fan.

Now David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have returned to our screens, so if you want to keep up with the X-Files then buy yourself a season pass on and thus you will be able to watch all new episodes as they are released.

Have you seen the new X-Files season? Are you a fan? Write a comment and share your thoughts!

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