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The Intern on AmazonI just had the chance to watch The Intern and if you want to watch it awell, then you can do so right now on In this film you can watch the company of Robert de Niro and Anna Hathaway in a light film that makes you wanna laugh and relax for some hours.

In The Intern we are presented with a business philosophy that tells us that old people have a good effect on companies and because of that Robert de Niro is hired to work for a young company led by Anna Hathaway. She is a career woman who got a big success and her company has grown from nothing to hundreds of employees in less than two years. Now she is facing challenges due to the booming business and those challenges are connected to leadership, strategies, keeping the growth and also at home field; taking care of her marriage and her little daughter.

On the top of this she now gets a new assistant, the pensioner played by Robert de Niro with the name Ben Whitaker. He is a total energy guy with lots of wisdom and he does his job with great joy and a lot of humility. The film lasts for about two hours and even though it is not a crazy comedy, it is still a delightful little film which gives you the chance to relax and have fun.

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If you have not seen The Intern yet, then go ahead and watch it right away. To me it was not a film that I will watch again a million of times, but to watch it once was absolutely okay and something I do not regret.

Have you seen The Intern? Did you enjoy it? Write a little comment to share your thoughts on the film!

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