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The Oscar Awarded film The Revenant can now be seen online on Amazon. Would you like to watch The Revenant online, then this is your chance!

The Revenant was the film for which Leonardi di Caprio finally won his Oscar statue. Some people felt as if he did not really deserve it especially much for this film, but the fact that it was about time that he won a statue was what led him to actually win an Oscar for his role in The Revenant.

The Revenant is a long film in which we follow the suffering of Leonardi di Caprio after being attacked by a bear, after he and some of his group escaped from the Indians. To me personally The Revenant was a really long suffering and I did not like the film at all, but the problem is probably with me and not with the film. But, if I had to watch a film tonight I would much rather watch Mad Max: Fury Road (a film I did not like to much either) than The Revenant.Watch The Revenant on Netflix

Now you can watch this special film yourself. It is interesting that Leonardo almost doesn’t speak in the film, but still his role is great and he is doing a good job. I would probably have given an Oscar to Matt Damon for his role in The Martian instead, but I am not the one giving out the Oscars so…

If you want to watch The Revenant online on, but can not do so because you are located outside the United States, then you can read more about how to watch Amazon Instant videos from abroad in the article linked to.

Enjoy watching The Revenant online, and if you have comments and have a minute to share your own thoughts on the film, please write them down using the comment field beneath.

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