Watch Mad Max: Fury Road on Amazon Instant Video

Mad Max on AmazonDo you like crazy action where people drive around in the dessert with strange cars and fight one another with strange weapons? Mad Max: Fury Road is just about that, and in this film you can follow Tom Hardy in the main role as he fights the reign of Immortan Joe.

Tom Hardy plays the character of Max Rockatansky who has to cooperate with Charlize Theron who plays the role as Imperator Furiosa. She has just escaped from Immortan Joe with his lovers and that is why the giant hunt stars to get those maidens back to Immortan Joe and Furiosa and Rockatansky do their best to fight them back and to get those people into safety.

If you are a Mad Max fan, then you should of course watch this film which is now available on Amazon Instant Video. In not long the follow up will come which will be called Mad Max: The Wasteland. Until then, watch this film, which I must admit was very boring to me, but that tells more about me than about the film. I would much rather watch a good comedy or a romantic film, and I do get bored as cars attack one another and drive like crazy.

That is me, but the question is how did you like Mad Max: Fury Road? Go ahead and watch it if you have not seen it yet! Read more about watching Amazon Instant Videos from abroad here.

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