Hercules (2014) on Amazon Prime

Hercules on AmazonA new film has been added to Amazon Prime, meaning that Amazon Prime members can watch it for free online. The film is Hercules from 2014 and in the film lasting for 1 hour and 40 minutes Dwayne Johnson and Ian McShane has the main roles.

Another actor in the film is Rebecca Ferguson which you might have seen in the cinema recently, as she has the main role in the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film where she plays together with Tom Cruise as they travel around the world to stop the Syndicate.

In Hercules we will get to see the origin of Hercules and how he turned into the macho big hero he actually is. Enjoy as he fights not only people, but as he fights lions, monsters and other strange and fictional creatures. If you wonder if this is the film for you, then maybe you should start watching the trailer first.

This film can now be seen on Amazon Prime, but if you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription you can either sign up for Prime or buy it as an Amazon Instant Video. More information about watching Amazon.com vidoes from abroad can be found here.

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