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I recently bumped unto The Night Manager by a coincidence, but it was not a coincidence that made me watch all eight episodes until it was all over.

The Night Manager online

It did not take a long time for me to like The Night Manager, in fact the TV series drew my attention from the moment I realized that Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) had the main role in the film. Now I did not see much of him in the first episode, but after that I got plenty of chances to see him and he is playing the role as Mr. Roper in a magnificent way. He is not the good guy in this film, but he is playing the bad guy in such a convincing way, always with a sense of humor, that it is a joy to watch.

The story in The Night Manager lets us meet a Night Manager at the Nefertiti Hotel in Cairo (in reality that hotel does not exist in Cairo). He is doing his job in a good way, but one day he sees a beautiful girl and gains her trust, and suddenly he gets information about weapon dealings as this beautiful lady is the lover of a mighty man in Cairo.

He gives the information on to the British embassy, but unfortunately not all people use the information gained for good, and that is how it all starts and this is the foundation of the eight episodes of The Night Manager.

What is great with The Night Manager is that you know that it is going towards an end and that after eight episodes the show is over. That makes is so much easier to watch (almost like 24), and you are always expectant to what will happen in the next upcoming episodes and how the story will end when it is all over.

If you want to watch The Night Manager as well, then you can do so in the different Amazon stores across the world. But, if you want to watch it on you will need to be in the United States. If you are located abroad and want to watch Amazon Instant Videos, follow these instructions to bypass such geo-blocks.

Get ready for some action with The Night Manager, and do not forget to bookmark this site for further advises on TV series and films that you should watch in the near future.

In addition to Hugh Laurie you will find Tom Hiddleston in the main role in this film. They are both doing a fantastic job in this series.

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