House of Cards season 4 is on

If you are a fan of the original Netflix series House of Cards, then you will be pleased to know that you can now buy the entire fourth season on

House of Cards on Amazon

I would of course ask myself the question first if it is worth spending 30USD to buy the fourth season of House of Cards on, when a monthly fee for Netflix is about 10USD. In other words, you can spend three months watching Netflix (with all 4 seasons of House of Cards) and lots of other great content, or you can buy the fourth season all by itself on Now, I know which solution I would go for, but I will of course leave that entirely up to you. If you in addition have a subscription to different VPN providers you can also get access to lots of different Netflix regions, so there are for sure smarter ways to use those 30 USD than to buy the fourth season on

Am I saying that you should not watch House of Cards season 4? Not at all! I am not a personal fan of House of Cards myself, but I know that it is super popular, so you should for sure go ahead and watch it. But, I am just saying that you might do smarter in watching it on Netflix instead of at

If you do not agree with me, then you can visit and buy it there right away on DVD and Blu-Ray. It is not available as an Instant Video (yet), but it might come in the near future.


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