Watch Mr. Robot season 2 on Amazon Prime (in the UK)

I am not a big Mr. Robot fan, but if you are, you  are for sure eager to watch Mr. Robot season 2. You can now watch it on Amazon Prime the in the UK.

If you remember then it took ages for Mr. Robot season 1 to become available to Prime members in the USA. Amazon Prime in both Germany and in the United Kingdom had the first season available for almost half a year before it became available finally on US Amazon Prime. Currently the second season of Mr. Robot is airing, and this time UK Prime has done something terrific… they give you access to the ongoing season of Mr. Robot as the episodes have been aired. That is totally strange looking at if from a Netflix and Amazon Prime perspective, after all they only give access to full seasons and only after the seasons are finished. But, with UK Prime taking this step, they are in fact behaving in a similar way to Hulu.

You can now watch Mr Robot season 2 on Amazon Prime in the UK
You can now watch Mr Robot season 2 on Amazon Prime in the UK

Now, this seems to be a one time event on UK Prime, but if in the future this should become a habit with Amazon Prime, and not only in the UK but also in the US, then that will for sure intimidate Hulu and its leader.

If you should want to watch Mr. Robot season 2 on UK Prime while abroad then you will need to get an English IP address and you will need a UK Prime subscription. In other words Amazon Prime is not like with Netflix, that one subscription is enough to gain access to all Netflix regions in the world. One subscription is enough to give you access to Amazon Prime in that given nation, and that’s it!

You can read more about how you can access your UK Prime account from abroad in this article.

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