Watch Hacksaw Ridge on Amazon

Do you want to be well prepared for the Academy Awards in 2017? Then you better watch Hacksaw Ridge before February 26th. And yes, you can now stream Hacksaw Ridge on Amazon.

Hacksaw Ridge tells us the story about a guy who says no to killing. He is in the army, but he doesn’t want to go into the war to actual fight and kill. But, he instead decides to help out and serve his fellow soldiers in trouble.

Hacksaw Ridge on Amazon

This movie has been created by Mel Gibson, and it has received lots of praise online. The movie has a 8.4/10 score on iMDB and a 71% score on Metacritic. On the very critical website Rotten Tomatoes it has a score of 86%, which should give you a feeling about the importance of actually watching the movies. To make it even stronger, the 86% score has been given by critics, while the audience who have watched the movie has given the movie a score of 93%. Maybe this is the movie that will win lots of Academy Awards in 2017?

The scores are exactly the opposite of La La Land. With this movie than most people expect to become the big winner during the Academy Awards on February 26th the audience score is 86%, while the critics score is 93%. That is a bit sad, because the critics are those who will award the movie with lots of Oscar statues, while we (the normal audience), probably would give our statues to Hacksaw Ridge and Manchester by the Sea instead.

Watch Hacksaw Ridge on Amazon

Hacksaw Ridge is packed with famous actors. You will for example see Sam Worthington, Vince Vaughn, Teresa Palmer and Andrew Garfield as you watch this movie. You can buy it as an Instant Movie right away on Amazon, or you can wait for a few weeks and then you can also rent it online.

I have not watched Hacksaw Ridge yet, but I will do my uttermost to watch it before the Academy Awards.

If you are eager to stream the Academy Awards online, then you can read more about how it can be done in the IP Address Guide.


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