Want to watch Point Break on Amazon?

I remember watching the original Point Break film with Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey and Patrick Swayze. I did like the film, and now I was curious on the “modernized” Point Break film.


I did not watch the 2015 Point Break film in the cinema and I did not watch it on Amazon.com, but I watched it on HBO Now instead (since I have a HBO Now subscription). But, if you do not have such a subscription you can now easily watch Point Break on Amazon.com instead. What’s great is that you can also watch the original film from 1991, so why not watch that first and then the 2015 film afterwards? Then you will have a perfect chance to make up your mind which film you like the most.

What the film critics say about Point Break (1991 vs 2015)?

The original Point Break film from 1991 currently has a 7,1/10 rating on iMDB. It has a 68% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 58% score on Metacritic. Those a fairly good numbers, though not testifying about this as a super film. Those were the scores for the Point Break film from 1991.

The new Point Break film released in 2015 is not doing better than the original. It is in fact doing much worse. It has a 5,3/10 score on iMDB and that is by far its best rating. On Rotten Tomatoes it only has a 9% score which is a terrible rating.

I read those ratings before I watched Point Break on HBO Now. I must admit that I was positively surprised and I in fact enjoyed the 2015 version of Point Break. It made my hands sweaty and I did not regret at all watching the film.

What do you think? Have you seen Point Break on Amazon? Did you like it? Write a comment and share your thoughts on the film.

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